As Jahn has stated, narrative time is not linear. We can see this through Book II Chapter XIII in Don Quixote. His adventure through the cave has supposedly lapsed through a little more than an hour in real time but Don Quixote’s adventures through the cave through his narrative perspective has lapsed many days and nights over. This particular excerpt below allows us to see the difference of linear time through each character’s perspective after Don Quixote tells of his adventure through the cave to Sancho and his cousin.

“I cannot understand, Senor Don Quixote,” remarked the cousin
here, “how it is that your worship, in such a short space of time as
you have been below there, could have seen so many things, and said
and answered so much.”

“How long is it since I went down?” asked Don Quixote.

“Little better than an hour,” replied Sancho.

“That cannot be,” returned Don Quixote, “because night overtook me
while I was there, and day came, and it was night again and day
again three times; so that, by my reckoning, I have been three days in
those remote regions beyond our ken.”

“My master must be right,” replied Sancho; “for as everything that
has happened to him is by enchantment, maybe what seems to us an
hour would seem three days and nights there.”(Cervantes Book II Chapter XXIII)

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