Samperio’s She lived in a Story is much like Don Quixote has a very unique time sequence. The author and characters within the story are subjected to a relative and current timeline in which the reality tends to follow. However the confusing aspect of the timeline is how they are all integrated at the very same precise moment as each character’s action affects the other. We get a sense of this when Sevogia sits in front of his typewriter and writes about Ofelia who at the same exact moment leaves the movie theater and begins her trek home. On the same note the timeline also affects Samperio, who is Sevogia, and his actions as he walks through his home and eventually meets up with a woman who is like Ofelia outside of a park bench. The timeline between the characters remain a persistent constant in which time flows at the same precise moments as do the characters.

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  1.   salvarez said:

    Good point: how would you describe the pace of sequences during these moments in texts?

    Justin, I have you down for all 10 blogging points this round. Remember you can use these posts to help you compose your responses. Think of responses as potential body paragraphs for a final essay you might write.

    Nice job integrating the Jahn terms. They’ll become even more useful when comparing additional texts we’ll read this semester.

    10 out of 10 possible points.

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