Eyes of a Blue Dog was a text similar to Samperio’s She Lived in a Story. The two protagonists that we are introduced to in the story are dreamers who chance upon a room within a dream. They are currently living within the dream as they meet on a regular basis; the narrator however has no recollection of meeting the woman in reality after they awake. The short novella develops the story based upon dream logic; reality does not have any affect upon the dream. The dream is but a quickly fading and forgotten memory.

“I’ll recognize you when on the street I see a woman writing ‘Eyes of a blue dog’ on the walls…Yet you won’t remember anything during the day. You’re the only man who doesn’t remember anything of what he’s dreamed after he wakes up.” (Marquez 57)

The woman leaves particular cues for the dreamer to find her in reality if he can recall this dream; the woman for example writes “eyes of a blue dog” in every place she chances upon. However when our narrator awakes he no longer recollects the dream and the cue is lost to him. There is also no guarantee that the dreamer’s “copper” woman actually exists and making a subconscious connection with the narrator in the dream; instead the dreamer is unreliable, for all I know the dreamer could be simply dreaming the woman in all her entirety and her odd nature and behavioral cues.

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