Balthazar’s Marvelous Afternoon was a wonderful short story. It appears to me as if to be written for as a children’s story. It doesn’t contain any magic realistic elements and the homodigetic narrator remains the same throughout the short story. It contains a simple story in which Balthazar makes the best birdhouse ever that he wishes to charge for a large sum of money. His client requested the bird house to fit two large sized birds of the region. However once he brings the bird house to his client’s house it’s been made clear that the client was the young boy and the father did not commission the bird house at all. He refuses to accept the glorious bird house and his son tries his best to make sure the bird house stays. Balthazar’s changes his mind about the commission and gifts it to the man’s son and leaves. Although he leaves empty handed Balthazar walks away and enjoys the rest of the night. He realizes that although he has left empty-handed he left the most prosperous. His kind action has left a message to all those who watched the incident and he had orders to many bird houses. He realizes that good fortune has looked down upon him and he drinks the night away as a happy fool, conned for free drinks and his clothes and shoes have been stripped away from his unconscious body.

“He had spent so much that he had had to leave his watch in pawn, with the promise to pay the next day. A moment l ater, spread-eagled in the street, he realized that his shoes were being taken off, but he didn’t want to abandon the happiest dream of his life. The woman who passed on their way to five-o’clock Mass didn’t dare look at him, thinking he was dead.” (Garcia Marquez 146)

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