I always assumed that the mechanical shell belonged to an old vintage Volkswagen beetle. What else could the characters in the People of Paper be referring to. One could only procure one from a mechanic and what else would a mechanic do than work upon cars? I thought it fitting that it would be compared to a tortoise, it’s shape and design allows for those inside to hide from those with prying eyes. The mention of a lead base also led me to believe that the shell to be old, it must be if it contained any essence of lead. I just realized that the shell is an extension of protection and Federico de la Fe utilizes them much like a hermit crab. 

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One Response to “The People of Paper – Lead Mechanical Shell – VW Beetle”

  1.   salvarez said:

    Justin, I couldn’t give you credit for the mechanical turtle. Make sure you give some prose too, or else it’s just an image. Think of the image as the I, then you have to give some E, using Jahn, or some sort of critical lens.

    9 out of 10 possible points.

    Your prose is improving, keep up practicing with the Jahn. You’ll see how useful it is when we get to some of the more difficult text.

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