The People of Paper has a weird structure of narrative time. It is not written particularly linear (although there are moments that it is), narrative time seems to flow (when needed) between all the characters at the same precise time. It does not have to occur often as there are points in the story in which time seems to follow one character in particular. The prose in the story adds to this effect; some of the characters’stories are written side by side as opposed to written in the traditional straight-forward form. This seems to imply that one particular character’s story is taking place at the same particular time as the other characters’ stories. This is evident through the first few chapters in which Saturn, Merced, Mechanic, Merced de Papel, etc. are all speaking at the same time. Their narrative time is within their each perspective sphere and although the stories are separate, they each add to the narrative as a whole. We get a better impression of what is occurring or will occur or has occurred based upon this unique narrative structure. This is evident through the different narrators that share their thoughts and experience. For example, the wetting of the bed through Federico de la Fe and Merced’s interpretation allows us to see how Federico de la Fe developed his fire complex and why Merced’s mother had left Federico de la Fe. This particular structure is reminiscent of the acappella style of music in which various different harmonies and voices add to the song as a whole even if they are different parts of the song.

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