Cobra – Initial Thoughts

November 7, 2011

I felt that Cobra was a bit obscene and graphic. The text in it of itself is also a bit confusing at times as you begin to lose your idea of who the narrator is or who the narrator is talking about. There are points of the book in which the narrator seems to just recount his or her thoughts aside from the story of Cobra’s transformation. The development of the characters in question were also a bit of a struggle to read through. The concept of having two different Cobra’s who in fact was actually one Cobra (who is also a man and or a woman; transgender) was quite a notion to follow as well. I had to reread the text quite a few times to understand that there were two Cobras who was in actuality one Cobra who in fact is a man who plays as a woman in drag.I have to admit though the graphic text was really difficult to go through and sort of digest particularly the random orgies, notions of drug abuse and prostitution, and ultimately Cobra’s sex change at the end of Part I.

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