Originally I believed that Atomik Aztex to be a singular and linear narrative however that fails to be the case. I believe that time and space has been distorted in such a manner in which regular order is no longer established. One could reorder the sequence of events and it would not have mattered. This can be seen through the first 70 odd pages of the story. The initial introduction states that Zenzontli believes that he’s getting fucked in the head but as one continues to read he no long acknowledges this. Instead the narrative splits up and integrates seamlessly together albeit with some rough patches here and there. This can be an instance in which time and space is distorted and we as the readers are transported unknowingly and unwittingly in to the eyes of the “other” Zenzontli. Although the character is essentially the same and all of the supporting characters are the same (3 Turkey, Nita, Zenzontli’s Ray, Nakatl, Weasel, etc.) their roles are completely different between the worlds. Zenzontli in the modern sense is the ring leader for the group of meat packers striving for an union where as he is the leader of the Jaguar Unit in the World War II scenario.

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