Narrative time in Atomik Aztex is a bit unstable as it does not adhere to the standard time-space continuum theroem or perhaps common place time-logic. Although Zenzontli can be perceived as living both points of view in standard narrative time each point of view is radically different than the other. One point of view takes place in what seems like the middle of World War II as he is sent to Stalingrad to take down the Nazis in place of the United States while the meat packer union leader seems to be taking place in the modern era in which forming a union is not out tof place if it were to take place at this current time and date. What is unusual is the apparent lack of transition of time; the stories meld together sometimes subtley and other times drastically and it is up to the reader to stop and pick out the differences because the time frame skips and jumps around.

Things that had tickled her in the past, now made her upset and angry. If you suggested an outing to the pier, she’d sneer (Ride the bus all day to come back tired, sunburned, and sandy? Hang out with those wacky whites at the dirty beach? The water’s polluted!”), or mention a hike at Elysian Park, she’d complain, what was wrong with me – wasn’t I tired enough from work already? I certainly was. Where had the intervening years gone? Recently I seemed to have dreamed a dream about it.
It was lots under corrugated tin roofing behind the plant it smells like the country fairgrounds at 4 A.M., semi after semi entering row after row of sheds, ramps deployed with a clatter as thousands of hogs are unloaded into the gated pens, grunting, squealing, & squawking like sports fans, huffing and puffing as they descended heavily into the concrete pens covered in straw as I sat on the subway next to a sweat begrimed warrior reading the Toltek Times with the headlines, STALINGRAD SURROUNDED, ASTROLOGERS FOREKAST DOOM FOR GERMAN 6TH ARMOR. (Foster 33)

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