In Atomik Aztex, we get the feeling that there are multiple streams of conciousness. There isn’t one particular point of view rather we get a mixture of two radically points of view through the eyes of the same individual character. It’s odd because although he’s the same person he’s living two different lives at the same time while bending time and space. He is in two different time periods, histories, and places altogether; he is off to conquer Europe and Stalingrad in the name of the Aztex empire and Jaguar Unit while fighting the meat-packing industry and trying to form a union for those who worked at the meat packing factory. It’s odd because although the points of views are different parts of the points of view seem to meld in together and change Zenzontli in a very subatomic way. He is no longer one particular character but rather a sort of hodgepodge of the Aztex warrior and the Axtex entry-level meat packer. This is evident through the short bursts of phrases and speech that are more pronounced as the story goes further and further.

“Keeper of the House of Darkness. Master Zenzontli, sir, wake up.” “What, what the fuck?” “You’re mumbling things in your sleep, sir, stupid things, insensibilities, inanities, platitudes,” Amoxhuah was saying to me as I unbent myself out of a sleep-enforced slouch. He was staring at me; I stared back and brought him into focus. “Commonplaces, sir, euphemisms, stock phrases, tripe,” Amoxhuah added, “I’m sorry sir, but from what I could catch they were the kind of empty phraseology that you might hear from your so called experts. It was pretty scary.” (Foster 59)

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