Severo Sarduy incorporates many different literary elements in to Cobra. A lot of what is written creates a free-flowing thought process with subsequent thoughts that make a very loose flowing plot. This is seen in the initial first part of Cobra. We are introduced to various characters; Pup, Madam, Cobra, Indian, name a few where their introduction is trivial compared to the thoughts surrounding their background. This is evident when Sarduy shifts from writing about the characters and instead begins to write about “histories”, writings, etc. He also begins to incorporate mathematics in an attempt to explain the very essence of Cobra and Madam.

√cobra = pup²
pup² = √cobra

Sarduy also incorporates a lot of magic realism to convey a very mystical sense in Cobra. A lot of what is going on incorporates many elements from Asian cultures and religion. He plays heavily upon the Buddhist religion and borrows heavily upon Eastern magic. We get a sense of this when Cobra tries to transform his/her feet through magical means as opposed to the conventional means.

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