Towards the end of The People of Paper, Plascenia becomes a bit creative with his writing. He begins to utilize and distort the very format of standardized book writing. He begins to shift around various thoughts and characters as the people of EMF and Saturn’s companions begin to crowd in and attempt to drive out Saturn from their lives. They all attempt to broadcast their thoughts and their feelings in an attempt to drive out Saturn. This particular strategy by the EMF appears to be quite effective as Saturn’sthoughts begin to retreat towards the margins and ultimately ends up in the corner; barely a sentence or two of thoughts by Saturn. It is quite an interesting notion that Plascenia incorporates in to his writing; that the book itself is a huge think tank in which the characters’ very thoughts can be broadcast upon the very page and even their thoughts can drive out the author from the very book that he is writing. Ultimately the author, Saturn, gets a hold of himself and begins to fight back and ultimately has gained control over the course of the story once more. However his motivation has changed and no longer is he interested in those who live and fight with the EMF, he becomes wrapped upon in his own life and delusions as he begins to search for those that have left him much like how Federico de la Fe and Froggy begin to move past this war and on to their own respective lives.

Not even Baby Nostradamus could stop him. The sadness still circulated through Saturn, clogging capillaries and inflaming his lymph nodes, his liver never able to filer the melancholy, but his body has adapted. At times delibitated by the thought of her, but still able to summon enough strength to press against the columns. Saturn’s weight leaned agaisnt the stucture. At first there was only a single crack at the base of the column. He thought of her, of her perfidy, and then of the others throughout the story: Delilah, Merced, Ida. The lone crack splintered into a web of fractures, buckling the structure and crumbling it to rubble. Once the first support was down the others were easily tipped, all the columns falling, and giving Saturn full control of the story. (Placencia 242)

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