What is interesting to note in Atomik Aztex is the large quantity of names; Zenzontli, 3Turkey, Weasel, Aztex, Xiuh, etc. They play a subtle role in the narratives as the names act as a representation of the Aztex culture and is portrayed as a defiant identity against the social norm provided by the meat packing industry. This could be seen through the constant obstacles that are symbolized by the American norm i.e. Mark’s meeting with Zenzontli which resulted in Zenzontli being punished with extra shifts and working alone in a room filled with pigs while he may eventually succumb to sickness due to the poor health environment provided by Mark’s agenda against Zenzontli and all that Zenzontli stands for. This is undoubtedly about the possibility of forming an union with Zenzontli as the ring leader of the meat packing industry. This is compared to the other narrative in which Zenzontli is the leader of the jaguar unit and plays a vital role upon the war front at Stalingrad. In that particular narrative, names and rituals also plays a more obvious and important role in society as the Axtex are undoubtedly the rulers of the present day society. What is also interesting to note is the way the names are presented as they are subtley changed to reflect the influence and control the Axtex nation has upon conqueoring the Spaniards; language changes to fit the rulers.

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