1. What’s up with the names of the characters?

2. Is the Zenzontli aware of his situation with the meat packing factory?
He seems unaware of all the things that go on aside from the meat-packing union.
3. What’s the deal with Zenzontli’s wife in both narratives?
Although she is the same character name wise, she is psychologically different and developed/develops differently in each narrative.
4. Why is the narrative time warped around two different time-space continuum?
I believe that the leader of the Jaguar Unit is based upon during World War II as the Aztex try to take over Europe in place of the Americans who sought to stop the war. Where as the meat packer Zenzontli is based upon a more modern day and age quite possibly the late 1990’s or even the 2000’s.
5. How do drugs play a role in this if it’s not mentioned anymore?

6.Does Zenzontli realize that his mentality is being distorted due to the “other” narrative?

7. What is Zenzontli going to do with the German?

8. What’s the deal with the “prostitutes”?

9. Why were the children mentioned in only one narrative but not the other?

10. What is up with the italics? Do they symbolize anything?

11. Why isn’t there any transition between narrative to narrative?

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  1.   salvarez said:

    Justin, I gave you 10 points for this round, but this last post wasn’t exactly original since most of the ideas are left unanswered. Trying to give quick answers would have been a different story altogether.

    Also think about adding more media to your blog. Take a look at your classmate Aparna’s blog for example, or Jennifer’s. They both brought in some interesting texts.

    Remember to focus on an article and not a review for your final project.

    10 out of 10 possible points.

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