Looking back at this semester I have to admit I’ve learned quite a lot on the theory of narratives. I’ve acquired a new sense and appreciation for literary techniques typically unseen by the general public. As such I can appreciate it when I watch a movie and reflect upon the angle of the camera as the focalizer changes from perspective to perspective and I can also appreciate the concept of narrative time and how it plays towards the entirety of the literary work. I’ve also learned the ideology behind the ‘to be” verb conundrum that plagues college students. It is a work in progress but I would certainly like to say it has be incorporated in to my writing.

My initial impressions of the class were definitely a bit skewed from what I’ve heard of your class from fellow classmates and ratemyprofessor.com. I found the work look certainly daunting and terrifying; you have given me more work to do over time than my senior seminar class. The work has certainly been educating but I would certainly have liked a tad less blogs and writing. My final paper comes out to nearly twenty pages (many of which I am still currently unsatisfied with but as much as I have edited, I have given it up as a lost cause to further write anymore)! Not to mention doing blogs on a regular basis is a bit tedious considering a typical college student’s schedule. I’ve had to rush home ¬†after work and write or perhaps even sneak a blog or two in another class just to keep up with the workload. I thoroughly enjoyed most of the reading, however I would like to note Cobra was a very graphic book in my honest opinion. I was borderline appalled at reading the text. All in all, I enjoyed the semester and I hope the best for your future class.

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